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“I can always depend on Jaskaran’s methods to deliver projects on time and to an excellent standard.” – Ben Barter Studio

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Why animated videos get delayed and go over budget

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

– James Clear

Working with 10+ creative studios, the same issues holding their projects came up time and time again.

Compromised quality control

Breakdowns in communication

Inadequate planning

Resistance to change

Slow adoption of new technologies

Workflow inefficiencies

Dissatisfaction with creative output

Studios can avoid these problems from holding up projects with proper processes and pipelines in place.

That’s where I can help.

Your animated video delivered without a fuss

I work to set up pipelines that ensure successful delivery of projects. Carefully resource planning through pipeline set-up and establishing systems that allow you to avoid bottlenecks to allow your production to be fluid.

Illustration of three Sikh historical figures with halos.

Maintain your creative control

Colorful animated Middle Eastern cityscape under sunny sky.

Unforgettable projects are made when creatives aren’t held back. Solid processes account for inevitable creative back-and-forth and empower creatives, allowing their ideas to become reality.

I produce all types of 2d Animation

Animated Music Videos

Bring your songs to life in ways you never thought possible with visually stunning animation

Animated Explainer Videos

Explain complex concepts to your staff, customers, and students with an easy-to-understand animation.

Animation for YouTube

Stand your YouTube channel out from the crowd with custom animations that entertain, educate, and enthral viewers

“Jaskaran skillfully balanced their needs while remaining true to the artistic vision, earning the admiration and respect of all those involved in the project. Jaskaran’s unwavering commitment to the series led to a final product that exceeded our most ambitious expectations!”

– Margaret Mavi, Director GSV London


A difficult question to answer as a lot depends on style of animation, duration, and your cash flow constraints.

Simple rigged workflows will take a minimum of 2 weeks, from storyboard to composite.

However this can be extended to many months, as duration, complexity and the multitude of business considerations are factored in.

This is difficult to ascertain, since it’s ultimately Man-Hours + Fixed Costs over Content Duration = Cost per Minute.

I make the most impact with budgets ranging from £100k to over £1 million, with a minimum of £4k per minute.

As much as you want. As a service professional with a decade of experience, I put your needs above all else.

That’s not to say I won’t push back, if I feel like your choices are a detriment to the project, but your inputs will always be considered and discussed, and we’ll work towards implementation, whether these are to satisfy creative vision or financial or deadline challenges.

You do!

I work on a work for hire basis in most cases, and I usually don’t seek IP or royalties following production.

I normally operate on a structured compensation model that includes a fixed fee along with a commission, which is contingent upon meeting time and budget deadlines.

This approach is highly effective in aligning our productivity goals.

I regularly work with clients and team members from all around the world!

I’m particularly skilled at managing entirely remote teams, including hiring, facilitating and administrating.

I prefer this as it means we can tap into the best, brightest and most suitable talent in the world for our task without limitations to geography.

As a result, I’m not limited to territories, collaborating with clients across LATAM, EMEA and APAC.

Conversations will start with the following questions.

  1. What’s your production’s current state?
  2. What’s your production’s desired state?
  3. What’s your ideal timeline?
  4. What’s your overall budget, and are there cash flow considerations to make?

No. Unfortunately I’m limited to production. I often work with marketing departments to ensure market considerations are clear and at the forefront during development, and I can facilitate the creation of assets relevant to marketing, from production, but that’s the extent of it.

I’m used to working in a variety of circumstances, including plugging into existing full fledged productions, or starting up a team from scratch.

The key is, if the production needs it, that it will need to be sourced. I can, and in the majority of cases, do recommend long standing colleagues, but it’s not a requirement.

Animation producers make sure your project gets done with no hiccups. When an unexpected event happens which holds everyone up, the producer helps the team get over the obstacle with minimum fuss and cost. All whilst making sure your project is delivered to the best quality and to your needs.

Animations are great for translating complex information into an easy understandable format. Whether it’s employee training, a user guide, or even a marketing campaign, animation helps get the message across. It can also be used across various platforms without much effort.

Animated videos are dynamic visual representations created through the manipulation of images or objects to simulate movement, often used for entertainment, education, marketing, or storytelling purposes.

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